Surviving a Trip to the Salon

You’ve been going to the same hairstylist for years but now that you have gone natural it’s a battle getting her to understand your hair – she’s tried to convince you countless times to relax your hair, doesn’t have styling options for your Fro, and horror of all horrors she wants to use a sulphate […]

TOP 10 Winter Hair Care Tips

With the colder months here, it is very important to keep our hair protected from the harsh elements of the winter season. The dry winter air can result in dry, brittle hair – so it’s important to protect it and maximize moisture retention. Here are our Top 10 winter hair care tips to keep your […]

Should you comb your hair?

Our natural curly hair is not designed for regular combing. Combing results in mechanical damage which leads to hair breakage and split ends. We love this video by glamfun (Karen Constant) about why natural hair shouldn’t be combed. Watch and enjoy!