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Managing your daughter’s natural hair
16 Sep 2016
Take the fuss out of managing your daughter’s natural hair. Botlhale Tshetlo of Hairtural salon shows you how Botlhale ...
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Surviving a Trip to the Salon
06 Oct 2015
You’ve been going to the same hairstylist for years but now that you have gone natural it’s a battle ...
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TOP 10 Winter Hair Care Tips
30 Sep 2015
With the colder months here, it is very important to keep our hair protected from the harsh elements of ...
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Should you comb your hair?
30 Aug 2015
Our natural curly hair is not designed for regular combing. Combing results in mechanical damage which leads to hair ...
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Natural Hair Care Routine For Your Daughter
17 Apr 2014
A child under the age of one still has a sensitive scalp, so her hair routine should only include ...
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