Managing your daughter’s natural hair

Take the fuss out of managing your daughter’s natural hair. Botlhale Tshetlo of Hairtural salon shows you how

Botlhale Tshetlo, founder of Hairtural™ hair studio, loves natural hair, and believes in nurturing it and treating it with love and tenderness. At her salon, there’s no combing and no heat is used on hair.

“We’re all about healthy hair, so we don’t do any colouring and we don’t comb,” she told DESTINY in a previous interview.
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“When the hair knots, it causes hair breakage, so we use our fingers to detangle gently. In addition, heat thins out the hair and causes the ends to start breaking off. We took a stance against braiding too because it thins the hairline. So ultimately, we do more good than damage to the hair.”

As kids, many of us feared hairstylists and their blow-dryers and combs. Going to the salon to have our hair done left us fraught with fear and anxiety. In this video, Tshetlo demonstrates how to do your daughter’s hair so it isn’t a painful experience for her.

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