Surviving a Trip to the Salon

You’ve been going to the same hairstylist for years but now that you have gone natural it’s a battle getting her to understand your hair – she’s tried to convince you countless times to relax your hair, doesn’t have styling options for your Fro, and horror of all horrors she wants to use a sulphate shampoo on your Fro!

The reality is that not all naturals are styling savvy and if you are, sometimes you don’t have the time to do your hair- you need the skills of professionals to get your hair cleansed, treated and styled.

Natural hair stylist are hard to come by, so your best bet is going back to your current stylist – whom you have a relationship with and take her along on your natural hair journey. Tell her you want healthy hair and explain to her the changes you have made to get healthy hair.
Here are our 5 tips for surviving a trip to the salon.

Pre-cleanse your hair at home

If you are not happy with the type of shampoo and conditioner that is used at the salon, you can cleanse, detangle and deep condition your hair at home before going to the salon.

Bring your own products

If you don’t have time to pre-cleanse, detangle and deep condition at home take your products with to the salon. Explain to the stylist why some ingredients (sulphates, parabens, mineral oils….) found in some products are not good for your hair. Read our blog post titled “Read The Label” for more info on ingredients you should stay away from.

Protect your hairline

If you are going to braid or plait your hair make it clear to your stylist that your hairline is the most fragile part when braiding/plaiting and that you don’t want excessive pulling on it. Many stylist say they pull tight on the hairline to keep braids or plaits as neat as possible. Let your stylist know that you are willing to sacrifice some neatness for the sake of comfort and hairline protection.

Avoid heat

Insist that the stylist not use heat on your hair. She can plait/braid the hair while it is still damp…dry hair is prone to breakage during manipulation. Don’t take your chances when it comes to heat, because heat-damaged hair is nearly impossible to revert. If you must use heat, ask her to choose the lowest/coolest setting.

Minimum combing

Ask the stylist to keep the combing of your hair down to a bear minimum. She must only comb and detangle your hair when it is damp or well moisturized – she must comb from the tips to the roots. This way you will experience less breakage.

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